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What is an FMT?

FMT (Faecal Microbiota Transplantation) uses normal 'healthy' human flora introduced into the patients bowel to 'kill' the bad bacteria.

The use of healthy human flora appears to be the most effective probiotic treatment available today. Healthy human flora acts as a 'broad spectrum antibiotic' against pathogens with the added benefit of being able to implant missing bacteria.

FMT therapy involves the infusion of healthy human donor flora bacteria into the bowel of the patient. The infusion is repeated for at least 5 days or longer. The therapy includes a special low fibre diet prior to infusion and a course of antibiotics to kill off as many bad bacteria as possible before infusion.

Killing off 'bad' bacteria before infusion gives the newly introduced 'good' bacteria a better chance of re-establishing dominance. Preparation also includes a bowel washout prior to infusion.

Infusions can be done via: